Impact Data

Consortium Chains

Community-Driven Permissioned Blockchain
For Impact and Outcome Monitoring and Evaluation
Protecting Data Privacy of Vulnerable Populations

Impact Data Consortium Chains are a Shanzhai City initiative to create enterprise-level data management solutions designed to store sensitive data within complex organizational structures like Governments, International NGO's, and for groups of multi-stakeholder organizations that need to share certain aspects of data to protect the data privacy of vulnerable populations while providing transparency towards impact measurement.  

Why blockchain for 

Impact Measurement?

Data Privacy​
Decentralized ID 
protects sensitive 
information of beneficiaries that are often in vulnerable situations
Immutable records  leaves an auditable trail of data as evidence to for  impact, sustainability,
and accountability
Consortium Chains allow for Granular permissions of 
encrypted onchain data to fulfil 
institutional and enterprise-level need
Tokenization of social program products and services create incentive for beneficiary participation of data sharing towards impact measurement

Decentralized ID

for Beneficiary

Due Diligence

In order to protect identities and develop data sovereignty for all end-beneficiaries, who are constantly contributing impact data and validate impact result, we deploy progress DID protocol from Impact Oxygen Blockchain. Depending on specific needs of consortium, we will develop with all stakeholders to determine the proper KYC level for all data contributors or data agents. Therefore, all measurements are auditable with DID, based one zero-knowledge-proof mechanism, while identity and need details can be protected for community members. 


Tools &


Impact Learning X, or ILX, is a browser and administrative dashboard system for users to browse both onchain and offchain data, analyze impact, and creating real time impact monitoring system for impact portfolios. Depending on the data literacy level at the frontline of the programs, we are able to customize fieldkits for data collection, beneficiaries engagement, self-reporting and all kinds of digital value co-creation dApps for your impact data consortium blockchain.

IL-X Impact Data Management Dashboard 

Fieldkit and end-beneficiaries engagement application


Consortium Chains

in Action

Hong Kong

Impact Data Coop Consortium with Hong Kong Council of Social Service, Hong Kong University, Social Impact Assessment Association


Smart Village Impact Data Sharing Platform Consortium with GFP and villages in China

Hong Kong

Technology for Good Consortium with OurConservatory, Bethnal Green Ventures, Local Motions, PILnet


Impact Measurement for ECD Consortium with Municipality of Boa Vista, local NGOs, Ministry of Citizenship



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